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Many older dads feel as if their one day are the length of two days. The stress that kids place on a man is hard to adjust to. Our sleep is off and we're tired all the time. The doctor sends you in for a sleep study and stress test and you don't do so well. Your friends who had kids earlier are past the small kids phase and don't want to hang out with you, making you feel isolated. You've heard the phrase "Men of a certain age" well we believe you should change the word age to "A1C" because this one metric has affected more men than ever before!

Men of a certain A1C is our attempt to try and answer the question "How do I take care of myself as an older dad?"  

Don't let your age determine your health!

When it comes to health, don't say "I'll sleep on it". For a long time now we have heard the same old retorage about young whipper snappers being young and full of energy. There may have been a time where this generality might have been true and realistic. Today we eat and drink things that were unheard of in prior generations. We're not saying that these new selections are bad on their own, we're just saying that they weren't in existence. The chemical companies have invented new ways of preserving foods and drinks to last longer. The adoption of more variety of foods into the market by different ethnicities are seen in every town in america. Extreme eating challenges and competitions are on tv where you can watch celebrity chef's all day long can easily tie up hundreds of hours. You can even get food delivered to your home by a car that isn't affiliated with the restaurant if you live in a place that provides this service! We are addicted to our foods today. 

   On another issue, the amount of activity is not in decline as many people think. We hear that today's young people are just lazy and that is why the younger people are less healthy than those of prior generations. We see outdoor living and recreation on the rise and more opportunities to explore more remote areas than ever before! So the inactivity that is seen is from younger people playing games. Automation in manufacturing has led to many losing their jobs or has prevented people from employment. We simply don't need as many people as we used to.

amish boys fixing a fence.

Henry Ford has a quote “Why is it every time I ask for a pair of hands, they come with a brain attached?” The idea that we must simply work and not think about it as if someone was just a robot. The Amish communities mainly eat pure meats and vegetables while working outside much of the day and still have many of the same health problems as the english persons who live around them, although not at the same percentage rate. We can say that eating well and exercising regularly with a good sleep schedule and low stress can lead to a good health outcome.  

The Older Dad Blog Page!

Mike and Josh are not experts in health so they have to take a scientific view on how they arrive on the information when they talk about health. Studies conducted from universities show clinical research data where a topic of health and science have been done. We believe these studies on PubMed.gov and other study websites, offer possible advancements on the future of optimum health and nutrition. Since we are not very educated on these subjects, we want to interview the professionals in this space on their field of study, so that the older dad show can enhance the knowledge of health to the broader older dad community. Make sure to check out the Old Blog and Older Dad Show YouTube channel for more information on health! 

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