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The Older Dad's Tiny Midges Program

The tiny midges program is our way of helping out the youth of today that may need a little help from us older dad's and grandpas. Our mission is to teach kids soft skills like learning how to follow directions, how to follow steps and procedures, responsibilities, product flow and amounts, attention to detail, budgeting economics, the food chain, entomology and more. All through the art of fly tying. In the art of fly tying you learn to do all these skills under the tutorship of trained professional who've made it in life and have some things to share.

Michael (ODP) is also a film photographer and has a darkroom. He takes a Sinar P 4x5 film camera into the streams with a 135mm lens (45mm equivalent) and takes photos from the perspective of the fly fisherman. Then through the wet chemistry, he develops the film and prints the negatives onto paper with an enlarger into photographs ready to hang up. Michael seen where there is a parallel between a trophy trout and a photograph hanging on the wall. For the trout, it had to die before a taxidermist could mount the fish as a trophy. This means you could never catch that fish again. So for his photographs for the tiny midges program he tapes the negative to the back and cuts the center out of the negative so you can never make another photo from it again. This allows the photo to fetch more money since they are a one of one product that cannot be reproduced.  

The Tiny Midges Program works by having a done photo sent to a fly shop who has agreed to host a Tiny Midges Program. The fly shop advertises the auction of the photo and anything from the area to sell to a buyer. The money to make the photo will be deducted and the fly shop can keep the remaining money to buy the products needed to put on the Tiny Midges Program. This way no fly shop will be burdened by the expenses and will enjoy teaching the next generation of fly fishing anglers the sport of fly fishing and pass along life lessons the kids can learn from. 

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