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This website is for dads 36 years old and over before having their 1st child!

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Michael or ODP (Old Dad Pilkinton) is the founder and main content creator behind The Older Dad. He was 38 years old when he and his wife had a daughter named Alana. She was a micro preemie born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1lb 13oz at birth. Alana would spend 89 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU. Michael would look for help on how to deal with dad issues in the NICU but there wasn't much and what was there was usually written by moms. He decided to write things for dads after he had decided to use his engineering background to design systems to put into place so he could go into auto-pilot to deal with having a baby. Michael has never wanted kids so having one with problems while he was older was very hard on himMichael has been fly fishing since 1988 and his approach to analogies to live by stem from his fly fishing and musical background. He seen there was a big difference in younger dads vs older dads so he decided to start making content for his fellow older dads with his long time friend Josh so that together we can be awesome parents to our children.

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Josh or ODB (Old Dad Brown) has a Masters of Business Science from Trevecca University in Nashville TN. Josh was 36 years old when he and his wife had their son David in September of 2015. David's umbilical cord was short and they didn't know if he'd come out alive. This fear was compounded by the recent passing of Josh's father by which David got his name. Luckily David was fine and this turmoil made Josh become the great father he is today. Josh has had several businesses and has great insights into how breakdown concepts into manageable pieces. His courses on The Older Dad are diverse, thorough, and in depth. Josh has been fly fishing with Michael since 1994 and has a laid back approach to the sport. Josh has an extensive knowledge in dogs and has raised beagle hounds and coon dogs for one of his business ventures Brownies Black and Tan's. Josh takes The Older Dad's course content off the beaten path from the other online courses because he can relate to his audience and give real world advise an Older Dad would know.

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