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This website is for dads 36 years old and over before having their 1st child!

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The Older Dad Show Legal Information.

We hope to help you get to the information pages you need to see our legal stances we must take to cover The Older Dad Show and the companies the website advertises for. We of The Older Dad Show hate useless lawsuits and long forms of legal speak written by lawyers to protect us but unfortunately it has to be done. We have decided to give an overview of what each of our legal pages cover and how you can find out what each pages is about. Click on the page you feel best represents your area of need! 

Our Older Dad Show Privacy Policy shows a little bit about ourselves and covers what we do when a user subscribes to our forms and gives us their information. We use this user generated information to correspond with them over email. Our website does use analytics to see the demographics and makeup of our audience so a cookie is used when a user is on our website. We do not sell this information or give it to anyone else. Learn more about your privacy when you click on the page button below!

Copyrights and Return Policy are discussed here in our terms and conditions. We don't give money back or returns of our products because it's easy to steal the courses work and reproduce them as your own. We also cover subscriber roles when a person wants to comment on our page. 

The Public Disclaimer page is where we list any conflicts of interest and paid promotional content. We also explain our affiliate marketing procedures and explain how we don't give good reviews just because someone pays us to say something. Our affiliation with brands are also covered here. The button below will take you straight to the Public Disclaimer page!

The Older Dad Show really want to make our older dads who are disabled feel at home on our site. We are trying our best to make The Older Dad Show as accessible as we can with our own time and money. We use a few great plugins and checking browsers to do the ADA Compliance testing for the time being. Most sites are not even trying to be accessible but we're making the move towards a very useful site for those who are disabled. The button below can take you to our Accessibility page. 

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