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This website is for dads 36 years old and over before having their 1st child!

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Welcome to The Older Dad.  We're glad you stopped by. 

We took the year a person becomes an adult at 18 years old and doubled it and called any guy 36 years old and over before having their first child was an older dad.

Basically the year your adult year became an adult at 36 and now you are at the point in life where you're set in your ways to the point where having children disrupts your lifestyle but you still want to be the best dad you can be. 

Science has observed that our cells are replaced with new cells every 7 to 10 years and after a while we start to age, even though we're getting new cells. Older dads have been understood to pass down longer telomeres that may lead to longer life in their offspring. All of us older dads know we're not as young and fresh as we used to be but we are usually more emotionally centered and wise compared to younger dads.

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The Older Dad has a Live Show where we talk to others about issues we face as older dads. We all want the best for our kids and we don't know what is best, but just because we don't know doesn't mean you do so take the journey with us on the older dads show!

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So who are these guys?

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Mike Pilkinton

Founder & Co-owner

Mike was 38 when his daughter was born at 26 weeks 2 days weighing only 1lb 13oz. She was premature so mike was thrown into the nicu life he wanted to avoid. 

josh and his son dave at a christmas parade

Josh Brown

CFO & Co-owner

Josh has a son named named after his late father and was 36 when he was born. Josh has a MBS from Travecca University and may be the most resourceful guy you've ever met. 

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The Older Dad Story

Here is the story of how 2 fellas who didn't want kids, ended up having children with their wives and ended up becoming dads. In the hot summer of 2015, Josh was awaiting the birth of his son who had an extremely short umbilical cord that was wrapped up. He had no way of knowing if his son was going live or if he was going lose both baby and his wife. Fortunately everything worked out and he was fine. Just a year and 4 months later, Mike had a small premature daughter who spent 89 days in the nicu. Mike had a hard time trying to deal with being a dad of a girl in such a bad shape. After a year or so of looking for answers to how to be a great dad to a preemie, Mike decided to start a show where he talked to nicu professional and support staff. Since the preemie show had live streaming capabilities, Mike reached out to Josh and they worked out how they can have a show to older dads. The younger dads didn't represent the views they had to those who are older. There was something about being older and wiser that kept coming up in conversations. So Mike and Josh decided to give the older dad show a try.   

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An Older Problem

 The disruption of having kids later in life is hard on a guy that has had time to get used to things as they are. We are patterned people who have a certain lifestyle we don't want changed. Kids mess up the flow of life for older dads. We often don't relate to our younger counterparts of dads who are still in the 20's that have no problem with the inclusion of another person sharing their space. Older dads need a different way of parenting and co-existing with their kids. 

A Possible Solution

 Since older dads need an option of parenting advice, then there needs to be someone to give them what they need! This is where the older dad show comes in. We use engineering principles to help finding answers to older dad questions in a way that is educational and informative! The live show is designed to interview the minds of professionals to try and bring top level advice to today's older dads. We must be able to achieve and win for all parties involved!

How to know if you're an older dad?

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We would like for you to be a part of our growing community of older dads, and yes we know some moms will be here too. The trend of having kids later in life is on the rise and our website and show fills the need for a different type of parenting media.

 A person aged 36 and up will usually look at something very different than a younger dad. The number 18 also fits within the cycle of life very well. Below is a chart where each 18 years coincides with a major period of someones life. So let's go together as Older Dad's. 

Birth - 18yrs old = growing up years. During this time you're preparing to be an educated adult.

18yrs-36yrs=career and fun years.  College, work, self discovery, finding someone to love, and settling in.

36yrs-54yrs=kids, improve career. 

your career is more secure and your schedule is consistent for kids.

54yrs-72yrs= grandparent years.

retirement and grand kids. debt free but old age keeps you close to home.

Older Dad Courses

We have courses on topics you may want additional knowledge. Make sure you look through our collection of older dad courses and find a course to help you in your problem area. Some courses are free while others need your support to unlock our older dad knowledge. Also, if you would like for us to cover a problem area that you don't see in our list then please fill out the form on the courses page to see if we can make a course on the topic. We make our courses entertaining and informative, so make sure you check out our older dad courses today!

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